Powerpoint Tutorial

Powerpoint Tutorial
Create a Presentation
Edit a Slide
Insert an Image and Edit an Image
Print or View a Presentation

Edit a Slide

Change the Master

Each presentation design as eight colors and one format. These elements are part of the design masters.

The masters provide the structure of the slide design. It includes the slide layout, the slide format and the graphic design of the presentation.

There are two kinds of masters: the Title master and the Slides master. One master is for the slides with a title layout and one is for the other slides.

When you insert a new object in a master, it is automatically added to the slides associated with the selected master.

To change a master:

  • Select View from the menu bar, Master then Title Master or Slides Master
    Or Press the SHIFT key and click on the Slide Show View icon
  • Select the text and apply the desired format or add an image or change the graphic aspect of the slide
  • Close the master with the Close button.

Change the Font

Select Format from the menu bar then Font and this dialog box will appear:

It allows you to change the font, the font style, the size, the effect and the color. You just have to select the text where you want to apply the wanted format, then open the font dialog box, choose the right options and press OK.

Change the Bullet or Number List

The Bullets and Numbers dialog box allows you to change the style, the size and the color of a bullet or a number list.

To change a bullet or a number list:

  • Select the bullet or number list, select Format from the menu bar, Bullets and Numbers, select the right tab, choose the wanted format and press OK.

The Font button in the Bullet tab allows you to choose other fonts for the bullet.

The image button in the bullet tab allows you to choose another image for the bullet.

Change the Alignment and the Line Spacing


  • Choose Format from the menu bar, then option Alignment.
  • It allows you to choose the left, right, centered or justified alignment for a paragraph.
  • In the Tool bar, only the left, right and centered alignment options are available.

Line Spacing

  • It allows you to change the line spacing in a paragraph or the line spacing before or after a paragraph.
  • The Preview button allows you to see the changes without closing the dialog box.

Insert the Header and Footer

The Header and the Footer allow you to repeat information on the top or the bottom of each slide, such as the page number, the date or text.

To open the Header and Footer dialog box:

  • Choose View from the menu bar, then Header and Footer

The Apply to all button applies the modifications throughout the presentation and the Apply button applies the modifications to the selected slide.

The options available are:

  • Date and time: Allows you to insert the date and time that can be updated automatically. In the Fixed box you can insert any text. It will be put in the the left section of the footer.
  • Slide number: Allows you to print a number on each slide.
  • Footer: Allows you to insert text in the center section of the footer.
  • To hide the information on title slide, check the corresponding box.

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