Powerpoint Tutorial

Powerpoint Tutorial
Create a Presentation
Edit a Slide
Insert an Image and Edit an Image
Print or View a Presentation

Create a Presentation


Create a Blank Presentation

When you open Microsoft Powerpoint, the window on the right appears:

It allows you to select one of the following options:

  • Auto Content wizard (helps you create your presentation step by step)
  • Template (use a specific design available in Powerpoint)
  • Blank presentation
  • Open an existing presentation


View Modes

Slide View Allows you to add text and images to a slide and view the final result.
Outline View

Your presentation appears as an outline, made up of titles and main text from each slide.
Allow you to plan, organise or edit your presentation.

Slide Sorter View Shows in miniature all the slides from the presentation.
Allows you to easily delete, move or copy a slide. It also allows you to add transition effects or animate the presentation.
Slide Show View Allows you to start the slide show.
Note Page View Allows you to write comments to be used during the presentation.

Choose slide Layout

To choose a Slide Layout

  • Choose Format from the menu bar, AutoLayout or this button
  • Select an AutoLayout
  • Press OK

You can choose from many kinds of slide layouts (bullet list, bullet list with an image, two bullet lists side by side, chart, etc.)

Add Text to a Slide

Powerpoint identifies the slide areas that you can fill in by placing text in them. To write text in these areas, click in one of the areas and type the text.

In accordance to the way you select the text area:

  • The text area will have lines around it. These lines appear when you click in a text area. If you want to apply a format to the text, you will have to select the text.

  • The text area will have dots around it.These dots appear when you click on the edge of the text area. You can then apply the format you want without selecting the text.

With a bullet list, type the text after the first bullet, press Enter and the next bullet appears.

To go to another text area, use CTRL+Enter or the mouse

Insert a New Slide, Apply a Design

To insert a new slide

  • Choose Insert from the menu bar or CTRL+M or this button
  • Select New Slide
  • Choose the slide layout
  • Press OK

To apply a design to your presentation

  • Choose Format from the menu bar or this button
  • Select Apply Design
  • Choose the desired design
  • Press OK

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