Powerpoint Tutorial

Powerpoint Tutorial
Create a Presentation
Edit a Slide
Insert an Image and Edit an Image
Print or View a Presentation

This Website is a complement to a workshop on Microsoft Powerpoint, developed by the Provincial Service of RÉCIT in Vocational Training.

On these Webpages, you will learn how to create a Presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint.

The aspects covered are:

  • Create a Presentation
    -Create a blank presentation
    -View modes
    -Choose a slide layout
    -Add text to a slide
    -Insert a new slide
    -Apply a design
  • Insert an Image and Edit an Image
    - Insert an image from the library
    -Edit an image
    -Download an image from the Internet
  • Edit a Slide
    -Change the master
    -Change the font
    -Change a bullet or number list
    -Change the alignment
    -Insert Header and Footer
  • Print or View a Presentation
    - Print a presentation
    -Start the slide show


Powerpoint Presentation of the Tutorial in PDF Format


Web Resources

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Reach the In and Out of the Classroom developed by Microsoft Corporation.



Powerpoint 2000 Tutorial from the Florida GulfCoast University



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