Integration of Technology in the Classroom, an Introduction
Dreamweaver 4
In-Service Activities

Offering training sessions respects one of our missions which is the integration of technology in Vocational Training.

If you are interested to one of the following training, please contact us by E-Mail: or by phone (450) 359-6411 ext.2254.

Create Webpages with Dreamweaver 4

Training animator Patrick Morrier, Provincial Service of RÉCIT in Vocational Training
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You will learn how to create a Website with
Dreamweaver 4. The aspects covered are:

  • Understanding the workspace
  • How to define a site
  • How to plan your website
  • How to insert text
  • How to insert images
  • How to insert and use tables in a Webpage
  • How to insert and use anchors
  • How to create links
  • How to create rollovers
  • How to create and use a template
  • How to insert Flash buttons
  • Other links related to Dreamweaver
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