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Sector 11:
Mechanical Manifacturing

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Industrial Machinery Operation
Information on different types of mechanical fabrication materials
Using Charts for Quality Control
The Seven Quality Control Tools
Machinery Industries Links From Industry Canada

Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation
Information on plastic and polymer

Industrial Drafting
Coastal Training Technologies Corp
Intepreting Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Drawing Video
Free Preview Available)
View CAD Drawings
Download Free CAD Drawings

Aircraft Electrical Assembly
Aircraft Mechanical Assembly
Aircraft Structural Assembly
Aerospace and Defence
Industry Canada

Machining Techniques
Notes on Workshop Describing Machining Techniques
Turning and Boring Powerpoint Presentation
SHERLINE Thread Cutting Attachment
Introduction to Machine Tools
Manufacturing Education Page
Standford University, Product Realization Lab
Example: Using the Haas VF-0

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