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Vocational Training in Canada, Some Links

Find canadian useful links related to Vocational Training and Technology:

By Sector of Training

Sector 1: Administration, Commerce and Computer
Forum for International Trade Training
Software Human Resources Council

Sector 2: Agriculture and Fisheries
Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment Industry

Sector 3: Food Services and Tourism
Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council

Sector 4: Arts
Apparel Human Resources Council, Links Webpage

Sector 5: Woodworking and Furniture Making

Sector 7: Buildings and Public Works

Sector 9: Electrotechnology
Repair and Installation Service Sector for Consumer Products

Sector 10: Motorized Equipment Maintenance
Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
Canadian Equipment Industry Training Committee

Sector 11: Mechanical Manufacturing
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council, Related Sites
Canadian Plastics Sector Council, Links Webpage

Sector 13: Communication and Documentations

Sector 14: Maintenance Mechanics

Sector 16: Metallurgical Technology
Canadian Stell Trade and Employment Congress

Sector 19: Health Services

Sector 21: Beauty Care

By Provinces

Newfoundland and Labrador
Ministry of Education

Nova Scotia
Ministry of Education

Prince Edward Island
Ministry of Education

New Brunswick
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Manitoba Education Research & Learning Information Networks
Canadian Center for UNESCO's International Network on Technical and Vocational Education

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education
Apprentiship, Trades and Occupation for Industry

British Columbia
Ministry of Education
Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology

Ministry of Education
Canada's SchoolNet

Northwest Territories
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education
Yukon Education Student Network (YESNet)



General Links

List of Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministries
Canada's School Network, Learning Resources Webpage

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