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Ministerial Orientations

With a desire for renewal, the ministère de l'Éducation decided to change the original orientations of the centres for the development of microcomputer use in schools (CEMIS). These centres had to undergo a complete update. With this in mind and in the context of the reform of education, the Ministère wanted "increased integration of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning.". The Ministère also wanted to "call for making a greater number of CEMIS personnel available to educators so as to provide more direct support to the emergence and growth of a network culture.

The ministère de l'Éducation proposed a new acronym for the CEMIS. They suggested the term RÉCIT: Un RÉseau de personnes-ressources pour le développement des Compétences des élèves par l'Intégration des Technologies (A Network of Resource Persons for the Development of Students' Competencies through the Integration of Technologies). This name seems to be more appropriate for the new orientations.

These ministerial orientations for all the local and provincial services can be divided into eight goals:
  • guide and support the various partners, according to their specific needs. These will include persons in charge of the dossiers at the Ministère, the regional teams coordinating the ICT dossiers and the educational service of school boards as well as the school administrators;
  • research and professional development concerning the use of ICTs in teaching the targeted subject area to the student population;
  • guidance in and support of the development and implementation of pedagogical projects in the regions;
  • setting up of reference centres;
  • distribution of products;
  • technology watch to provide appropriate support to projects, innovation and experimentation;
  • dialogue and consultation through a provincial committee composed of representatives from each region with a view to building an efficient partnership with regards to ICTs in the subject areas or the targeted populations;
  • participate in the direct training of teaching staff in both the Anglophone and Francophone communities.

The Provincial Service of RÉCIT in Vocational Training's plan of action is based on these ministerial orientations.

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