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The provincial Service of RÉCIT in Vocational Training is part of the RÉCIT network (Network of resource persons for the development of students competencies through the integration of technologies).

For more information about the RÉCIT network, visit the Website.

Our organisation has ministerial orientations and is hosted by the Commission scolaire des Haute-Rivières.

Our mandate is to help teachers integrate technology into teaching. The Provincial Service of RÉCIT in Vocational Training's general and specific goals are :
  • to promote a network that allows exchanges between various collaborators: students, teachers, academic advisors, administrative advisers and the MEQ's collaborators;
  • to update and distribute relevant information in Vocational Training;
  • to ensure a technological watch of quality in order to encourage collaborators in vocational training to use new resources placed at their disposal;
  • to place a large range of educational tools at the disposal of our customers to offer a variety of learning possibilities;
  • to organize and offer courses which will facilitate the integration and the use of technologies in programs of study.


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